George Ezra ft. Noah Kahan

A show well worth the wait.

A fun, groovy, British man singing love songs doesn’t get much better other than having a good friend there to enjoy it with you. He does this thing with his hips that will make you drool. He is a great story-teller and gives insight on how each song was written.

Check out his latest album Staying at Tamara’s.

My top picks are:

  1. Shotgun
  2. Only Human
  3. Hold My Girl
  4. Paradise


Niall Horan ft. Gavin James

Dreams came true for my best friend and I . We fangirled like we never have before, no shame.

4 years ago I saved all my money so I could travel 6 hours by car to El Paso (of all places) so I could Niall. The other 4 boys were a bonus.

From 1Direction to solo career, you age like fine cheese. Thank you Niall for engaging with the crowd and making others appreciate music as an art like you do. 11/10 would recommend seeing this 1D Alum live. What a sweet treasure I️t was.

My Flicker recommendations:

1. Paper Houses

2. Fire Away

3. On My Own

Gavin James:

1. Bitter Pill

2. Hearts on Fire

3. Tired

YTG: Young the Giant Ft. Cold War Kids 

Hard Rock Live: Orlando, home of Young the Giant the night of September 21, 2017.

The energy, the moves, the vocals, the stage presence, and the instruments all made for one of the best. concerts. ever.

5 things you feel during a YTG tour:

1. Pure excitement: because you have been waiting for this moment. It’s okay if you showed up late because you still got to hear ‘Cough Syrup’ live.

2. Curiosity: because you aren’t quite sure what songs they will play and if you will know them all. Turns out, you will know them.

3. Mesmerized: By the lights, the dance moves, and of course how amazing Sameer Gadhia’s voice is. He sounds even better live vs. Spotify. Like a sweet rock N roll angel.

4. Inspiration: Sameer Gadhia put school on hold to purse his dreams of music. If you have a drive and passion that God has given you, pursue it with all your heart. Way to go Sameer, I am grateful for your passion in music.

5. Awe: Need I say more? It’s YTG.

God’s Timing is Perfect: Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors in ATX. 

Let me start off by saying, Mr. Drew Holcomb, it was an honor and pleasure to wait an entire year to hear you live. You and the Neighbors did not disappoint.

God’s timing is perfect. It is divine. It is also unknown.

Last December, I bought my best friend Drew Holcomb tickets for Christmas for a great weekend trip to Denver, CO. April 22, 2016 came around and we did not make a road trip to Denver but to Austin instead. You see, we were accepted to intern with Cru in Russia and Lubbock. The concert was the same weekend as our training. As sad as we were about not seeing Drew, our excitement for interning was immeasurable.

Fast forward one year.

April 22, 2017. We headed to Austin to see Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Well, as you can see, I am not in Russia and God is still so good. So good that a year later we got to see our favorite man. WE EVEN MET HIM. What was filled with disappointment and sadness last year, God used it to show us his goodness in waiting, even in the small things.

Drew, thank you for a lovely night of goosebumps, a sore voice, and teary eyes.

Lord, thank you for the small blessings throughout this trip: meeting Drew, seeing a sweet sister, good eats and seeing you in everything.

SXSW ft. Colony House & Hippo Campus

SXSW, pronounced South by Southwest.

The endless shows and foodie pics, it was a dream.

Stepping out of the bathroom after checking to see if my hair was too windblown, Caleb (Colony House lead singer) brushed my nose. Yes I fan girled so hard. I mean these normal human beings were chillin’ out drinking a beer right behind me. Don’t worry, I mustered the courage to ask for a picture. In this process I proceeded to spill my locally brewed beer on Scott Mills.

Genre: Indie Rock

Natives of Franklin, Tennessee.

My favorites include:

  • Silhouettes
  • Cannot Do This Alone
  • Was It Me
  • Follow Me  Down
  • Caught Me By Surprise

Hippo Campus was up next and honestly, I would have left if I would have been finished with my drink. But hey, super thankful I stayed because this Indie Rock band from Minnesota was pretty dang good. I will admit… they look super young on that stage. Check these out!

  • Suicide Saturday
  • Way it Goes
  • Buttercup

10 Emotions You Have While @ a Penny & Sparrow Show.

Saturday night has come and gone, and dreams were fulfilled. Penny & Sparrow made their way to Lubbock, and headlined for the first time. Big deal since all we get out in West Texas is Garth Brooks and Chris Tomlin.

Cactus Theatre was a cute, quaint venue that made the show so intimate between the band and the audience. It was also a good reunion venue for all of those friends you haven’t seen since Sunday, bible study, or Foundation Camp.

Here are the top ten emotions and “feels” my best friend and I had during one of the best shows of our lives:

  1. Eager: Our eagerness starting settling in about 4:30 when we hopped out of our showers. SO eager that we arrived and hour early (by accident) to the doors opening up, which made for a good photo-op on Buddy Holly Ave.
  2. Happy: Pure happiness, because it’s Penny & Sparrow. Duh.
  3. Optimistic/Open: Lowland Hum open up for P&S, and we were totally open. I mean Penny & Sparrow can’t have bad taste, or low standards for their opening act. They were right. This married coupled blew us away with their perfect harmony, and chemistry on stage.
  4. Impatient: Yes, impatient.
  5. Anxious: They made their way on stage, and all these thoughts flooded my mind about which songs they were, and weren’t going to sing.
  6. Amused: It was an intimate show with a side of stand up comedy. They were genuine human beings, that cared about the well-being of their fans. A good sense of humor was a huge plus for this already perfect show.
  7. Sensitive:  I mean, have you ever heard one of their songs? They cut right to the heart, and are sung with such passion and raw emotions.
  8. Awe: Two grown men with the voices of what I imagine angels to sound like. Awe of their harmony, talent and rawness. In awe of their stage presence. In awe in how they sound 10x better live than on Spotify, as if that was possible.
  9. Vulnerable: The theater was so dark, you could cry, or show any emotion without anybody batting an eye at you. But really, their songs leave you susceptible to the very emotions they felt while writing the lyrics.
  10. Inspired: I am now signing up for a pottery class thanks to Penny & Sparrow. I know I’ll never be able to sing like them, but I am willing to step out and try something new, and spark a new passion.

Utter AMAZEMENT. Over all, the show was incredible, both artists. Still processing all of the emotions that this two hour show left me feeling.

Check out some of my favs-

Penny & Sparrow:

  • Brothers
  • Each to Each
  • Bourbon
  • Rattle
  • Duet
  • Creature

Lowland Hum:

  • Compass
  • Folded Flowers
  • Thin Places
  • Sun Flare