Dear Mom, 

Dear Mom,
Happiest of Mother’s Day. As I sit here and try to put into words my feelings towards you and trying to comprehend all that you have done for me and my sisters,  I am in awe of the women you are. 
So mom, thank you for;

  • Baring through hours of pain and labor to bring me into this world. 
  • Pointing me back to Jesus.
  • Embracing me when I fell and scraped my knee. 
  • Taking me on my first womanhood adventure, buying tampons. And then buying me Cookies and Creme ice cream to ease the “transition”.
  •  Speaking truth to me about friends that were no good for me. 
  • Always having my best interest at heart.
  • Pushing me to my potential. 
  • Being my #1 fan at all of my games and competitions.
  • Crying with me during a breakup.
  • The long lectures that I now appreciate. 
  • Teaching me about makeup.
  • Sharing your passions and dreams with me.
  • Loving me even when I’m a brat.
  • Never giving up on me.
  • Not letting my fears be bigger than my dreams.
  • The long distant phone call rants. 
  • Being right, you were always right. 
  • For being the best mom in the world.

Love you bunches mom. 


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