SXSW ft. Colony House & Hippo Campus

SXSW, pronounced South by Southwest.

The endless shows and foodie pics, it was a dream.

Stepping out of the bathroom after checking to see if my hair was too windblown, Caleb (Colony House lead singer) brushed my nose. Yes I fan girled so hard. I mean these normal human beings were chillin’ out drinking a beer right behind me. Don’t worry, I mustered the courage to ask for a picture. In this process I proceeded to spill my locally brewed beer on Scott Mills.

Genre: Indie Rock

Natives of Franklin, Tennessee.

My favorites include:

  • Silhouettes
  • Cannot Do This Alone
  • Was It Me
  • Follow Me  Down
  • Caught Me By Surprise

Hippo Campus was up next and honestly, I would have left if I would have been finished with my drink. But hey, super thankful I stayed because this Indie Rock band from Minnesota was pretty dang good. I will admit… they look super young on that stage. Check these out!

  • Suicide Saturday
  • Way it Goes
  • Buttercup


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