Dear God, thank you for 2015.

Dear God,

As 2015 comes to an end, I can’t help but think about all the blessings and uncontainable joy I have. Now, if you would have asked me six months ago, I would not have thought I would be where I am. But You knew. You knew all along about the trials and blessings coming my way this past year.

“Though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil things
In this life I have seen your faithfulness
In this life I have found your grace, God”

I have tasted the sweetest of loves.

I have felt the warmth of your love.

I have heard the peace in your voice.

Thank you.

In January,

  1. You gave me my passion for people and international students. Thank you.
  2. You softened my heart. Thank you.
  3. You showed me it is okay to be vulnerable. Thank you.
  4. You taught me not to live in fear of the unknown because You will lead me though. Thank you.


  1. I got accepted to study abroad in Moscow, Russia. Thank you.
  2. You shifted dates around so I could serve you in the Middle East on my second summer mission. Thank you.
  3. You showed me my Nineveh and to run towards it, not from it. Thank you.


  1. My first relationship. Thank you.
  2. That girl I prayed with on the beach, a new sister in Christ. Thank you.
  3. Your son upon the cross. Thank you.

“I will trust you
All my hope is found in your love
I will trust you
My whole life is found in your love”


  1. Your love, grace, and forgiveness. Thank you.
  2. My scholarship for study abroad. Thank you.
  3. Community and sweet friendships. Thank you.


  1. My junior year of college. Thank you.
  2. My summer mission, Oasis Fam Bam. Thank you.
  3. Being able to love others deeply, because You first loved me. Thank you.
  4. Showing me my weakness and Your strength. Thank you.


  1. My new friends welcoming me with open arms in their home country. Thank you.
  2. Reading the Bible with two muslim girls. Thank you.
  3. Giving a Bible to a friend in her own language. Thank you.
  4. All the spiritual conversations. It wasn’t me, but You. Thank you.


  1. Being back in the Motherland, Russia. Thank you.
  2. Showing me the darkness and the Light. Thank you.
  3. Being able to share Your love with my classmates. Thank you.
  4. Not living in fear of rejection. Thank you.

“Though my eyes cannot see every single step
And my heart feels unsure again
I remember the strength of your love O God
I hold onto the peace you bring”


  1. Restoring my relationship with my parents. Thank you.
  2. A break up. Thank you.
  3. Showing me it’s Your plan, not mine. Thank you.
  4. Friends shoulders to cry on. Thank you.
  5. Hearing Your voice for the first time. Thank you.


  1. Your promises. Thank you.
  2. Your comfort. Thank you.
  3. Your grace. Thank you.
  4. Your son. Thank you.
  5. Friends that shine Your light during the darkness. Thank you.


  1. Finding joy again. Thank you.
  2. Adventures with friends. Thank you.
  3. Your Spirit. Thank you.
  4. Coffee shops dates with You. Thank you.

“I will trust you
All my hope is found in your love
I will trust you
My whole life is found…”


  1. Your creation. Thank you.
  2. My crazy and sweet family. Thank you.
  3. Your healing. Thank you.
  4. Making new friends in that coffee shop. Thank you.


  1. Safe travels. Thank you.
  2. Spending time with my parents in fun cities. Thank you.
  3. Seeing Your promises fulfilled. Thank you.
  4. Your plan and will. Thank you.

And many more.

“And your goodness, kindness, faithfulness
Persists through the night”


Thank you for remaining. Thank you for pursuing me this year even when I turned away from you. Thank you for the countless blessings and the tears during trials. Through it all you have remained with me. Thank you for the good and bad times. You turned my tears of pain into smiles of joy.

I pray that in 2016, I will pursue You every minute of every day. I pray that even during the trials, (because they will come) that I will see your goodness, kindness, and faithfulness. I pray that I will surrender to your plan and not run off with my own.  I will fight for this relationship. I pray that I will walk in power and grace while spreading your love and word. You have given me all I need and more, I am forever Yours. So, wherever I am after graduation, I pray to be serving you and giving glory back to You. Your plan is so much bigger and greater than mine. My heart and years to come are yours, God. This is my New Years resolution.

Cheers to 2016.

Grace & Blessings,







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